Published 30 September 2017

Harvington The Friendly Village

This website is published by the Harvington Trust registered charity 507356 for the benefit of the residents of Harvington

If you wish to contact a Trustee, please send an email using our Contact Page.

A massive THANK YOU to all those people who have donated £25 towards the cost of the Jubilee Orchard.  A board was erected in the Orchard giving some of the names of our supporters, many did not want us to record their names.
We still want more money so please do not stop giving we have more space on the tree trunks to put more names.

Download a sponsorship form and details.

The Trust now had an arrangement in place to allow supporters to dedicate a seat in the Orchard.

 Select this link to download details of the plan.


The Harvington Jubilee Orchard

Harvington Jubilee Orchard


   It is a long process to open the Orchard to the Public Footpath network. An agreement has been reached with the landowners, however, this involves a change to a Public Footpath and due to staff cuts the Worcestershire County Council cannot do the work. It looks as if the gate in the Orchard will remain locked for another two years.

Harvington Jubilee Orchard

    Dog walkers are welcome in the Orchard, but if your dog does make a mess then please take it away and leave the park clean for others to enjoy..

The Harvington Neighbourhood Plan

Harvington Trustees are helping with the Harvington Neighbourhood Plan so that our village can choose its own future. The money grabbing developers are still hovering around the village and we hope that the District Council can defeat them, but they or others will be back unless the village has a strong plan for its future development.

A tremendous quantity of work has been put into the draft plan, especially by the Chairman, Chris Haynes, and a public meeting is expected to be held this autumn.

Autumn Pruning

It is hoped that an expert will teach us how to prune the fruit trees this Autumn. If you are interested in joining us for the day then please watch our website for more details or send your email address to us using the contact page and I will give you the date when it has been fixed.