Harvington Jubilee Orchard

The Trustees of the Harvington Trust extend their thanks to all those villagers both past, and present who have given their support to the village and especially the Harvington Jubilee Orchard project.

These names are displayed at the entrance to the Jubilee Orchard.

Helen, Zak and Neola Shepherd

John and Susan Jenkinson

Veronica How

John and Yvonne Stirling

Edie Bawn

Pauline & Philip Hodge

Gerry Bruce

Clive Allen

Jean & David Lee

M. Neville Wilson

Richard & Barbara Sharp

Rachael Grubb

Richard & Gill Thorniley
John & Jenny Cocks
Richard Dorrell

Paul & Joan Egginton

Harvington Women's Institute

Harvington Gardening Club

Jess & Dick Fairs

The Hirst Family

Joan Banting

Lionel Spires and Family

Terry Roberts & Wendy Jennings

Muriel Eunice Allvey

Charles and Caroline Jenkinson

Chris and Clare Collins

Emma Jenkinson
Dave Harrington
Lesley Harrington