Published 20 July 2016

Harvington The Friendly Village

This site is published by the Harvington Trust registered charity 507356 for the benefit of the residents of Harvington


Jubilee Orchard

If you can help contact

Phil 870363 or Clive 870003

The Mobile Library Service schedule

Please, Use it or Loose it.

Neighbourhood Plan

 The Neighbourhood Plan is slowly gaining teeth and Mr Gladman is including certain snippets.

Visit the website

The Harvington Trust

View the Gallery and you will find a video about the history of our award winning Jubilee Orchard.

The Jubilee Orchard is now fully open including the Car Park so everyone can enjoy this great free park in Harvington

The Jubilee Orchard

  Did you know that we have a Trim Trail in the Harvington Orchard, you should include it in your daily running schedule.


St James’ Church Flower Festival
Village Life Past and Present

Sat July 30th and Sun July 31st
10am to 5pm       Noon to 5pm